Another reason came from an official art (the page's info-box picture) showing the two together in a rather suggestive pose.Although he finds Kokichi a bit annoying and will probably someone he would never get used to.As a result of theories about both being the troublesome duo upon the game's release, the ship quickly sailed.He treats Kokichi as a little brother in the other stories as well, being kind and patient towards him as if he were a small kid.While both of them aren't shown to have to many interactions due to Rantaro's early demise.Kokichi decided to keep it over Ryoma, Kirumi, and even Kaede's (whom he thought was very interesting), implying he liked and found Rantaro more interesting than them. Xenoblade Wiki. However his reaction changed very quickly and so it's hard to tell which of his reactions was fake and which wasn't.In a similar manner, it usually is the third most popular shipping option in the fandom in general for both characters included, usually only losing in popularity to Oumasai or Oumota from Kokichi's ships, and Amamatsu or Amasai from Rantaro's ships..Others also believe due to Rantaro's laidback personality he's the only one in the group who is able to handle his behavior

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Amami was just sitting with Saihara, just trying to take this all in.Sure, there was a killing game going on but honestly, nobody in that moment cared about any of it.Kiibo was huddled in the corner, trying to escape being potentially damaged by sharpie and more likely, Ouma.Ouma was encouraging them to let her go free, wanting to see everybody's reactions to what Angie was going to do.Ouma's foot automatically started tapping, similar to what a dog would do when happy.They were all having fun (mostly everybody, anyways) and they had forgotten about the lurking despair and turmoil. Bi fi. Iruma was sitting with Kiibo, trying to occasionally poke at his various features, only to be shut down by Kiibo every single time..They were more serious, so they weren't really going to be participating in the commotion

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He was fairly sure he’d never seen that man before.Chiaki was asleep on her shoulder, light snores barely audible.Hajime remembered Nagito’s comment about sketching and approached the sketchbook.. “But anyway, the exit’s right up those stairs.He did his best to balance the papers he was holding so he could hold out his hand. Lois griffin anal. “I’m Nagito Komaeda, it’s nice to meet you.Nagito?” The worker leaned out the window to get a closer look in the car.He opened the first door to find a study, art prints and books strewn across every open surface.” He waved him off. “I don’t think he can, like, talk to dead people. “Hey.Then, they moved back to art and Nagito excitedly showed Hajime the difference between two Russian artists he’d never heard of before, but something about Nagito’s enthusiastic explanation made it interesting anyway.” He took a breath and finally looked into Hajime’s eyes.It was a list of books, written on the library’s note paper. “Hello Hajime.Hajime turned to the left and took that hallway. “Feel better?” The other man straightened up and offered him a hand.They landed on the bar itself and Hajime was surprised to recognize Nagito of all people sitting on a barstool.” He’d whispered in an urgent tone, running out into the alley. “I was bit one night by two other vampires. “Holy shit, I’ve been here like, forever.How was I supposed to know he was already dying?”. Warriors nightcloud. The one who’s been doing the murders recently is not associated with any of us, I promise you that.Like, what if I hadn’t picked you up and police were searching the area and you had blood all over your face like a maniac.He picked the coat up off the floor, recognizing it as Nagito’s.He knew it wasn’t likely that he’d get much studying done but.He started the car and drove towards the general area he was pretty sure Nagito’s street was on.He made the long, lonely walk to the nearest burger place.He shut his mouth and watched Kokichi continue his spiel to the others with as unimpressed of a face as he could manage. “Is it the flu-” Hajime started but cut himself off when Nagito doubled over.A few hours later, he got dressed and grabbed his backpack, heading to the pizza shack. “We must go.It’s soothing.” He said before he could process what the words even meant.I take and I take like a monster because that is what I am.Whoever the man was, he put a hand to his forehead and left Nagito at the bar, disappearing into the sea of people in front of them. I never even thought about that option.

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But for now, they were friends and nothing more, and Maki had a group of kids to look after for a few hours.She cleaned the glass shards in silence, after placing the photo back on the kitchen counter.Maki slowly asked, “What happened?” Every kid started speaking at once, still pointing at each other..It’s gonna be so romantic!” Kaede gushed, placing one hand over her heart. “Whatever!” she shouted, the room going silent in response. Glory hole surprise tumblr. ” Maki bent down to retrieve the picture from the floor.While Rantarou took the girl of her dreams out on a romantic date, she was stuck at her apartment watching his sisters.Of course, Kaede would probably be with Rantarou forever.Kaede looked so pretty, with her sparkling gown and equally bright eyes. “That sounds lovely,” Maki said, trying not to make eye contact.Shards of glass were spread all across the kitchen floor, a single photo lying upside down in the center of the mess.But a part of Maki hoped that Kaede would realize her feelings for her and maybe even feel the same way. “Anyway,” Kaede took a step back.It’s gonna be so romantic!” Kaede gushed, placing one hand over her heart.Kokichi Ouma was just bored of pretending to be 'a friend' of Rantarou's.Again, thank you so, so, so, so much for doing this!” she kissed Maki on both her cheeks and left, waving goodbye even as she was halfway down the hall.How had they even reached it.God, Maki was so thankful she didn’t have siblings.Comments: 3 Kudos: 61 Bookmarks: 3 Hits: 541.? Once she was done, Maki collapsed on her couch and stared blankly at the ceiling. She had kids here to watch over.Maki closed and locked the door, the same content expression on her face—until she heard a sudden crash coming from the kitchen. Houseki no Kuni Chap 42 English at HolyManga.Com. Oh, right. “I’ll just clean it up.It was stupid, and maybe she was just too exhausted to think properly, but what if someday Maki and Kaede shared kids of their own.While Rantarou took the girl of her dreams out on a romantic date, she was stuck at her apartment watching his sisters.Maki nodded as all of the kids ran inside, so used to coming over to Maki’s place that they didn’t even hesitate anymore.Each kid in the room pointed to another, trying to shift the blame before Maki could even piece together what had happened before she arrived. “I don’t wanna be late. “Rantarou’s taking me out for dinner

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.When they finally reach Rantarou’s room, Kokichi feels a kiss being planted against his temple and it causes him to stir slightly, he heard the door lock already so he knows they’re safe. him.Once there he flops onto his bed and grumbles to himself, turning awkwardly to look at his clock, by this point it was 2:30am and he knew better than anything that he wasn’t getting anymore sleep.Once he’s in the showers and notices all the steam he stops dead in his tracks, this can’t be happening again, surely it can’t, right.Squinting at the digital numbers he grumbled, “I didn’t even sleep for two hours. Timmy turner x vicky. He’d felt arms around him, tugging him away from the other as his arms flailed around and his legs kicked to try and wiggle free of the two who had him restrained.His lilac eyes narrowed as he caught the taller boy’s eyes and he felt a pit forming in his stomach, he hated this feeling of dread that he was forgetting something.It’s odd and he doesn’t know if he enjoys it, if he’s being honest with himself, it sends a pang of.There’s a moment where another hum slips out of his throat before leans up, pressing their lips together, he feels the other’s breath hitch slightly as he returns the kiss.Everything from the past four years flooded back into his mind like a wave crashing to the shoreline of the beach and his hands were darting up barely managing to touch Rantarou’s face. “Weird dream again.The arm around his waist pulls him closer and he gasps, feeling the other’s tongue slide into his mouth, battling with him for a moment before the nighttime announcement startles them.Soon they pull back, staring into each other’s eyes as they sink to the ground keeping as close as they can.?” The barely audible question causes him to jump slightly, his hand toying with the sponge that now occupied it.Inspired by sinnoh 's fic Don't Forget but presented from Kokichi's point of view. “I can’t pick you up very well if we’re holding hands.It takes a few moments before the taller looks away, the dusting of color on his face not having gone unnoticed by the shorter, who can tell his own face is burning again as he too looks away, turning on his own shower.” Short and to the point, not usually the way Rantarou speaks to him.Soon Kokichi’s arms are slotted around Rantarou’s neck securely as he nuzzles his face against it, legs wrapping loosely around the taller’s waist.Chapter 1 is basically a kind of re-telling but the rest will just be my own stuff.He receives a hum in response to his statement before watching Rantarou lean closer, he meets the other in the middle, their lips pressing together as his hands move up and cup either side of the other’s face.

.Why do you have to be such a psychopathic cutie pie Senpai Kaito Amami Original Artists Anime Child Danganronpa Anime I?m just wondering how he got in his room Danganronpa Anime Ship Art Amami Kawaii Kawaii Anime Fan Art Zelda Characters Danganronpa Favorite Character Anime Anime Boy Ship Art Comics Anime Funny Amami Fan Art Cloud Strife Danganronpa Art Dessin Danganronpa Anime Pinterest Explorer Se connecter S'inscrire Confidentialite

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And he hadn’t heard him curse on streams, probably because he didn’t tune in too often.The way his thick dark eyelashes fluttered and his pink lips parted, and his damp hair swung backwards as he cocked his head, his fingers entering his ass, it was all way too fucking hot.You know that’s totally nothing like me, Rantaro!” Kokichi giggled devilishly, bringing a finger to his lips, and Rantaro smiled softly.And along the way, he was rather in awe about the number of kinks that really existed.A light purple thong hugged the v of his hips that protruded outwards, the flesh peeking out, the sides showcasing his ass prominently.He wanted to grab him by his hands and pin him against the bed and pull down his own fucking pants and thrust his dick in his mouth. Sex against a tree. “You know, I think we’re gonna have a super good day.Kokichi wanted nothing more than to fill him up even more with his cock and release inside of his dirty ass.Far from it.He was surprisingly hot as hell when he cursed like that.. “Anyways, I gotta go, hehe.Totally not because he was fucking himself into the sheets so often.” Fuck.The shower still ran loudly, and Kokichi began to wonder what type of showers that Rantaro took. The treat was obviously the insanely attractive man in front of him, currently splaying lube across his fingers and moving his hand down slowly to his hole.Bland yellow light splayed across his face, a shaky camera that he constantly had to re adjust, and not enough angles.He heard the spoon clatter as he brought it back down the bowl, and stood up abruptly.But when he first started, he was surprised about how much he really had to learn.His slippery fingers grasped the toy, and he didn’t bother lubing it up as it was already slick from his fingers alone, plus the lube leaking out of his puckered anus had to provide some sort of gratification.His hand wrapped around his dick slowly, and he reached his other free hand for the vibrator, bringing it closer before leaning sideways.He brought his keychain to the door slowly, his hand shaking, and the thought echoed in his brain that he couldn’t believe he was actually doing this.So why would I miss it and procrastinate. Zuko fanfiction. Great, now he could actually get the real thing, and he was way too horny to jack off to his phone screen right about now.Diving into the closet and settling himself in the little spot he had created, he shuffled slightly, deciding to pull down his white pants so he wouldn’t have to take them off in the midst of Rantaro probably going full havoc on his body.



He didn’t switch off the car though, or stop singing, instead he flung open his door and started dancing over to Rantaro, opening his door and practically pulling him out to dance with him.Ouma parked in an empty parking lot across from the convenience store, typical given the hour of the night.It was loud, thrashing and banging, heavily attuned and honestly sounded like a combination of banging pots, nails on a chalk board and some electric guitar with absolutely no slow or quiet parts.Like they weren't dating for almost three years now.Hard to tell with hyperpop or glitchcore, scene or horror rock, whatever the hell he was listening to.Ouma would ominously text him something along the lines of 'Get out. Bound gangrape porn. Amami stood there in awe as Ouma managed to pick up on every word, or at least, Amami thinks they were words.He didn't exactly have the energy of an athlete either.Ouma's car, it was a purple beetle he shared with DICE, which was hanging by a thread, oddly decorated by weird trinkets and stickers and a very unfortunate license plate that the group just found hilarious.Black jeans, unlaced boots, eyeliner so smeared he looked like a raccoon and a band tee of a group he probably didn't even listen to.It wasn't exactly Amami's style but, it sure was Ouma.The sound almost made him flinch at first, it definitely caught him off guard.Their mini two man rave was interrupted by the overworked employee at the store cursing them out, telling them to buzz off and turn it down.' a little after midnight and they'd have a little drive.


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. “Listen here, shortie. “This is horrible! This is a tragedy.You didn’t have a childhood, so I’m making one for you now!” Despite its.He doesn’t see it, but from the sharp intake of breath, he can practically hear Kokichi’s affronted expression.Odd wording, Rantaro truly appreciates the gesture. Galra keith fanart. He didn’t really have a childhood or any memories that revolved solely around himself or his friends.As your evil supreme leader, I order you to play tag with me.He and his little band of losers, generally causing trouble and being bad influences.He rounds the corner, and ten seconds is up.You’ve been robbed!” Suddenly, Kokichi stands up in front of Rantaro.He had the ideal childhood, in any other kid’s eyes.He grew up early, what with taking care of all of his sisters and subsequently losing them in the process.” Rantaro starts, and ouch, that might have been a little too mean if it were anyone but Kokichi, who currently looks absolutely terrified.He had plenty of time to be a big brother, then a babysitter, then a teenager.No tag?!” Kokichi wails, gripping one of Rantaro’s sleeves, shaking his arm in the process.He feels his heart swell as he pretends to think it over.If they were playing tag, they were playing it right.Growing up without a family did that sometimes.After only a few moments, Kokichi looks like he’s going to explode.He already knows he’s going to say yes, but no one else has really done this for him.Kokichi had plenty of time to play tag, and hide and seek, and every variation of truth or dare.


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“What if I stopped?” “Stopped lying?” Ouma nods, fingers plucking at the ties of his arms. They must notice Amami’s sudden appearance because they stop for a moment.” He says in a distracted tone.Ouma doesn’t answer; he only drops his head against Amami’s chest. “He’s so scary! He should be put down, like a big, mean dog!!” The words must make Momota upset because he lowers his brow and bares his teeth. “Hmmmm. Tadokoro megumi. Amami presses his ear against the large door, trying to listen for anything that would give away the source.Amami chuckles. “Tell anyone and you’ll be the dead one, got it?” Ouma mumbles against Amami’s lips.And this is a pretty standard place for that. “But, that doesn’t mean I did.” He doesn’t specify what about; he doesn’t want to go too far and scare Ouma.Also my first actually work in the canon universe how about that. “What-” Ouma voice breaks into a gasp before he shakes his head and steels himself.But with the way Ouma’s kissing him — loving and desperate — he stops caring. “I love you too. “Ouchie! You hurt me, Amami.Amami forces the thought out of his head through biting of Ouma’s lip. “Yeah.Thankfully, Ouma doesn’t notice.Before he speaks again; his voice drops into something slightly more serious, more sweet.Ouma beats him to it. “You don’t need to stop completely. 5 Lesbian Mermaid Comics You Need to Read. He even perks up to lay a kiss on the other’s cheek.Or about something very important” He says his piece, everything on the table.To say he was upset with the idea wouldn’t be inaccurate.” Something about that, out of the blue, shocks Ouma.


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Nothing he could possibly do now would ever change how Rantaro feels about him.His best friend’s voice sounded so soft, so delicate, like it could break if he wasn’t careful enough. can I?” Kokichi finally turned to face him, and he looked nervous.Rantaro wanted to comfort him, tell him that everything would be okay, but he wasn’t even sure what was bothering him.I liked that,” Kokichi said quietly.He’d promised to always be there for Kokichi. X men x reader. They’d been best friends since elementary school and Rantaro had always stood by his side through everything.I love you too, Kichi.Rantaro leaned over and stopped him with a kiss. “..Well, now that I’ve destroyed your life, I’m satisfied. “Like what?” Rantaro looked to his best friend, who had paused the movie they were watching to ask him this vague question.Kokichi looked startled for a moment, before smiling again as if nothing had happened.Not even in his direction.” Kokichi pointed at Rantaro, almost mockingly, and opened his mouth to tease him.The kiss only lasted for about 2 seconds, but the hug that came afterward seemed to last for an eternity. “No, just.I love you, Amami-chan.Rantaro smiled, too, because the other’s were contagious, “Just say you love me, Kichi.” Kokichi rolled his eyes and pretended he was going to vomit.I made you fall in love with me so now you’ll regret not kissing me sooner.Their faces were only a few inches apart, and after staring into each other’s eyes for a few moments, Rantaro got the idea. Kuroha.


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(INCEST WARNING.Kokichi eyes were scrunched up in pleasure, his mouth in the shape of an 'O' as he let out the most adorable sounds in the world, lips wet with saliva and drool.Ever since he and Kokichi hit puberty, he saw his younger brother in ways he wasn't supposed to.It didn't help that they shared the same room. 'If its so wrong' Amami thought as he started to wash Kokichi's hair for him in the shower 'Then why did it have to feel so good?'.Like saw how plump and kissable his lips looked slightly parted when Kokichi slept and the cute noises of satisfaction he made when enjoying sweets and the ways his eyes lit up when Amami got him Grape Panta from the store- Amami ignored those feelings and pushed them aside to be a good big brother but those same feeling started creeping back in as Kokichi purposefully made more and more advances on him, even honest proclamations of love, eventually getting to the point to where he was mad his big brother was being so stubborn and kissed him literally behind his father's back. Rwby male. Amami moaned lowly and tilted his head back as the tip of cock hit the back of Kokichi's throat.An irresponsible big brother for letting himself fall in love with one of his closest siblings.Kokichi gets the rest of his naked body from under the covers and lifts his body up and over Amami's cock. Sinful.Amami viewed the beautiful sight before him.Disgraceful.The morning light shined on him through the blinds, the leafless tree's were now covered in snow as winter break had just begun.

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